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Score to Picture

Unique musical composition created specifically for your project.

What We Can Do For You

Score to picture projects require a composer's sensitive and flexible approach to genre, story, mood, audience and pacing. With this in mind, our composer Adrienne Penebre applies her musical versatility and talented ear to create scores that are unique to each project.

Just as each project is unique, so is each producer. Sometimes a producer knows just what he/she wants. Other times, it is up to us to come up with the musical concept that brings an aesthetic signature to the project. We are comfortable working both ways, and guarantee that our producers walk away happy with the end product.

Our ability to create in a wide variety of musical styles (from classical to modern, world rhythms to delta blues), and our combined talent allow for endless possibilities. No project leaves our hands without being fully mixed and mastered by our audio guru, Pete Penebre. It's a service that is atypical; this extra care and attention to detail we give to every project sets us sonically apart from our competition.

The Process

Discuss Price and
Create the Contract

You may be surprised to learn that hiring a composer can often be more economical and time efficient than using a music library, with much better aesthetic results. You know your budget. We know what the going rates are. We always look for a win/win in our client relations, and want to maintain lasting relationships. We offer fair flat project rates based on the scope of your project.

Find a Shared Language

Through the years we've learned that the best way to success between the composer and client is finding a shared language to discuss what is needed in the music. Many producers are mystified by the music process, and don't know how to communicate their needs. Many composers are stuck in the language of their music training, and can't translate that into common terms. We will always try to understand your language, and have some tricks to employ if needed that have proven successful.

Scheduling and Materials

In general, producers should allow adequate time in the production schedule for the composer. We usually ask for a script and any relevant cuts of the show in Quicktime. If it is a long format show (i.e. 30 minutes or more), delivering a rough cut to your composer while you are working on the fine cut is a good rule of thumb. It is best to leave time after the fine cut for music finishing before audio post production begins.


We will deliver in your specified format on the agreed upon delivery date. We have NEVER missed a deadline. We will ask you for a finished version of the complete show for our portfolio.

If you are interested in our score to picture services, please get in touch. We offer many ways to meet your needs and budget requirements. Be sure to check out our portfolio too.

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