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About us

Meet the team.
  • Pete Penebre

    Audio Engineer

    Pete is a highly skilled and experienced audio engineer, having worked at the cutting edge of research and development for nonlinear video and audio systems, as well as designing and mixing countless soundtracks, and engineering for live music and sound recording. He's also an accomplished guitarist.

  • Adrienne Penebre


    Adrienne has many years of experience in television and media production – first as a producer and writer – until 1999 when she turned her full energy to music composing. She is also an accomplished drummer, vocalist, and live performer.


In 1998, with a blurry vision of independence in mind, we built a professional standard audio production studio. A year later, the upstart cable company we worked for was sold to The Discovery Channel, and Burning Barn was born.

Since then, we have built a solid reputation creating music and providing audio services on many high profile projects for the major cable channels including The Discovery Networks, National Geographic Channel, PBS, Speedvision, Court TV, HGTV and others. Along the way, we continue to expand creatively, refine our methods using the latest technology, and tailor our skills and services to meet an everchanging marketplace.

Burning Barn is proud to celebrate success in the Washington D.C. production community since 1999.